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" Vital energy. Clean by design." Call 865.789.7448

Sustainable. Clean. Energy. Systems

Increases profitability. Reduces costs.

image Plugging into Clean Energy has never been easier or more compelling. It's, well, CLEAN. Today's Clean Energy systems... including solar energy, super-efficient CHP and advanced energy storage... are pre-engineered for easy, "Plug and Play" installation. More reliable than utility power. High performance. Last half a lifetime. Provide quick positive cashflow.... Meanwhile Clean Energy systems reduce energy costs, emission, carbon footprint and increase your energy independence. Sustainability is the right strategy for right now.

Your Complete Clean Energy Partner

image With a focus on commercial, not-for-profit and multi-site clean energy projects, TerraShares has been the first and largest developer of solar energy systems for schools in Tennessee. All have been funded by third party-funded, at no investment or risk to the schools.

TerraShares manages every element needed to successfully undertake project, including third party or attractive capital financing and utilizing every available incentive to maximize economic benefits.

The most direct path to reducing carbon, greater sustainability and enhanced profitability starts with a comprehensive TerraShares feasibility analysis for your facility. Let's get started.